Khartoum - Cleaning meeting
Local certified Khartoum team leader Ahmed Ali Osman Abushnab stressed the importance of activating the work of hygiene and sanitation and moving from the stage of transferring the waste to the cosmetic stage and removing all irregularities which would prejudice the approved program of cleaning according to the structure of work for 2018 in all sectors in administrative units, And the main streets, and the identification of the accredited during the head of the expanded meeting in the presence of the local cleaner and companies operating in the sectors and the management of mechanisms and irregularities that the work comes within the local plan for the current year and aimed to remove all observations In the course of the past year by improving the performance in a way that is appropriate to the privacy of the local, according to an orderly program on the transfer and treatment of solid waste in the residential and commercial sectors, while drawing attention to the importance of reviewing all engineering and environmental violations and law enforcement strictly in the offenses of car washing streets and markets and random stickers and random disposal of The rubble in the roads and fields, stressing the implementation of a quality plan in the process of cleanliness by consolidating the concept of cleanliness from the comprehensive pick up scurvy only to the overall cleanliness, at the same time declared that the next stage of work will meet him Which requires the positive behavior of citizens in the removal of waste in their locations and times according to work shifts and the time of passage of waste vehicles, demanding all service recipients to abide by the standards of cleaning work and help new And supporting the cleaning companies in the performance of their tasks to achieve the overall cleanliness in the local ==========