The Presidency of the Republic is moving to prohibit the construction of new buildings on the Nile facades
Assistant to the President of the Republic, Major General Abdul Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi announced the direction of the presidential institution to ban the construction of buildings and urban projects that obscure the Nile vision along the shores of the state of Khartoum. He stressed the visit to the projects of beautification of the beaches of the Nile in Khartoum, The importance of preserving the environment and the vents along the Nile Street, which reflects the advancement and civilization of the people of Sudan, stressing the start of the presidency in the enactment of strict laws to prevent infringements on the Nile and stop the construction of cement forests and non-urban manifestations on the beaches and Tourist projects by the intifada attractive, assistant to the President of the Republic so that the development of cutting the shores of the Nile will be in place at the expense of those now in the sites on the beaches where they will be subject to justice in reconciling their reality of providing public interests on the special. Pointing out that the coming period will witness the development of the Nile facades from Al Mansheya Park to Al-Muqrin Park through international companies competent and capable in the field. He called for patronizing and valuing projects that will improve tourism services. He also praised the Assistant of the President of the Republic for the efforts taken by the Khartoum Municipality Called on all states and local governments to follow the example of Khartoum, announcing the support of the Presidency for all projects that will improve the services of citizens. It is noteworthy that the Assistant General Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahman Al Sadiq Al Mehdi inspected the garden of Al Nayelin, which is one of the first international parks in Sudan in terms of design and implementation within the framework of supporting the state for tourism projects and modern entertainment sites in Khartoum State. It includes parks, playgrounds, recreation sites, (30) thousand square meters opposite the Coral Hotel (Hilton) previously on the Nile Street, where the park with its new components is a real addition to the local and the state of Khartoum and all the neighboring states of the sites of entertainment and games at a global level. In the presence of the Local Accredited Committee, the cornerstone of Ahmed Ali Osman Abu Shanab, deputy deputies of the national and state legislatures and leaders of the political, executive and popular work to take a package of economic measures to address the high prices of consumer goods within the framework of economic treatments at the federal and state levels include the development of decisive measures for the random pricing of goods With the obligation of all shop owners to place the price in a preamble in clear locations for trading and the control of bakeries and binding them to the prices and weights for bread and reporting on bakeries suspended from work Tnsi With the People's Committees in Al-Hayya and the Bakeries Union through the telephone number (1948). The meeting also expanded the distribution of fixed and weekly sales markets and cooperatives in neighborhoods and workplaces and supplied them directly from production sites to combat the phenomenon of brokers and speculation in commodities. Domestic and financial development resources to combat the phenomenon of high prices until the stability of economic conditions