A package of economic measures to combat consumption of consumer goods in Khartoum
The meeting was held in the Khartoum district in the presence of the Local Accreditation Committee member Ahmed Ali Osman Abu Shanab and deputies of the national and state legislatures and political, executive and popular leaders to take a package of economic measures to address the high prices of consumer goods within the framework of economic treatments at the federal and state levels include the development of decisive measures for random pricing With the obligation of all shop owners to place the price in a preamble in clear locations for trading and control of bakeries and binding them to the prices and weights of the bread and reporting on bakeries stopped by Uncle In coordination with the People's Committees in Al-Hayya and the Bakeries Union through the telephone number (1948). The meeting also aimed to expand the distribution of fixed and weekly sales markets and cooperative societies in neighborhoods and work sites and supply them directly from the production sites to combat the phenomenon of brokers and speculation in commodities. Local potential and financial development resources to combat the phenomenon of high prices until the stability of economic conditions