Khartoum - Cleanliness
Local Khartoum carried out a campaign to remove the waste of Eid from the accumulation of waste and debris in the markets and the main streets and neighborhoods under the program for the removal of waste and remove deformities during the Eid al-Fitr, and confirmed the local accredited Khartoum team Ahmed Ali Osman Abushnab a comprehensive program of cleanliness during the holiday of Eid al-Fitr targeted residential neighborhoods And the main streets and streets for a period of (9) continuous days, pointing out to redouble efforts to improve the work and intensify performance during the Eid holiday to take advantage of the free streets and markets of citizens and cars, which makes it easy to lift debris and debris The work of the Council of Ministers of the State of Khartoum in all residential and commercial sites and the main streets to improve the performance to remove the high excretion of waste that the month of Ramadan and the pre-holiday Eid has resulted in excretions above the rates of waste, which led to the adoption of qualitative quality plans for the transfer and treatment of waste in residential and commercial sectors, stressing the importance of reporting the accumulation of revitalization in coordination with Popular committees with the rapid intervention in some sectors campaigns, referring to take awareness-raising measures in the cleaning urge citizens optimized to handle the waste output during Attlh.m / News - Local media Khartoum m June 26, 2017