Launch of ozone
After half a century .. Khartoum is back and wash its streets with water and soap .. Local Khartoum and the Moroccan Ozone Company for cleaning the system of washing the roads by water and the work of automated synagogues and remove the accumulation of dust in the main streets, and stopped the local Accredited local team Ahmed Ali Othman Abushnab and the Executive Director of the local Ahmed Taha al-Meligi On the start of work at the entrance of the major Manshiyya and the sixtieth Street as an experiment to start cleaning the streets and washing after a break since the sixties of the last century, and confirmed that the work is to improve performance and address the problems of cleanliness and remove the accumulation of dust on the roads, Of the sectors included under the work of the Moroccan company Ozon, which brought in modern equipment for washing the roads and clean them until Khartoum is scheduled for the first cycle, pointing out to take additional measures to ensure the continuation of cleanliness, including the emphasis on awareness among citizens at 8 pm daily date for the removal of waste and ban out during the day To eliminate the problems of non-unified time of transport, which in turn leads to visual distortions due to the presence of scavengers and waste bags in Al-Shawaram / Al-Khobar - Local News Khartoum - July 16, 2017